About Debenhams

Debenhams is a leading international, multi-channel brand with a proud British heritage which trades from over 240 stores across 22 countries. Debenhams gives its customers around the world a unique, differentiated and exclusive mix of own brands, international brands and concessions.

In the UK, Debenhams has a top five market share in womenswear and menswear and a top ten share in childrenswear. It is a market leader in premium health and beauty.

Debenhams has been investing in British design for 20 years through its exclusive Designers at Debenhams portfolio of brands. Current designers include Abigail AhernTed BakerJasper ConranPatrick GrantHenry HollandJulien MacdonaldSavannah MillerJenny PackhamPreenRichard Quinn and Matthew Williamson.

NEW STRATEGY – Debenhams Redesigned

In April 2017, we announced a new strategy, Debenhams Redesigned. This strategy will deliver growth and efficiency over the next 3 years and beyond and create value for our shareholders.

We will deliver Growth by becoming a Destination for "Social Shopping" and offering exciting new products and services; being driven by Digital, with mobile unifying our channels and our interaction with customers, as well as broadening our reach; and being Different in how we create and manage our brands and product, supported by a more innovative culture.

This will be combined with a focus on driving Efficiency by removing barriers to shopping both online and instore; simplifying and focusing our store estate and operating model; and making more effective use of our resources.

Defining Social Shopping
Looking at the way our customers are shopping for fashion and beauty and interacting via their mobile phones, we see an opportunity for Debenhams to be the leader in what we define as the new "Social Shopping": shopping as a fun leisure activity enjoyed with friends and family and shared via social media.

We will give our customers more reasons to come to Debenhams, whether they are at home, on the train or in the high street, and build a stronger relationship with them, centred around mobile interaction. We score well on many metrics compared with competitors but can do better to encourage frequency of visit.

We will create an environment both online and offline that is engaging and inspiring, with great service, and a shopping journey that is convenient and reliable so they will want to come back to us more often.

We want them to share the experience, whether by visiting stores with friends and family to shop, use our services, eat and drink or attend events - or via social media.

The mobile phone is front and centre of how our customers interact with each other and it is the enabler for Social Shopping. We will invest in an upgraded mobile platform that will help us unite channels and connect better with our customer.

The framework for our strategy is below and the elements are explained in more detail in our April 2017 interim results presentation.





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