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We attach a link to the Debenhams tax statement published July 2019 in accordance with paragraph 16(2) Sch19 FA2016.

Debenhams Public Tax Statement July 2019

Modern Slavery

Respecting human rights across our global reach is a fundamental part of our company ethics and integrity. We have followed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in order to judge our salient issues and associated risks to our business as an international retailer. We welcome the UK government’s Modern Slavery Act of March 2015 and fully support this legislation, which will help create a level playing field across industry and supply chains. We have already incorporated additional clauses into our supplier conditions of trading, business policies and code of conduct and in due course will publish our Human Rights policy, providing relevant training to employees and our global supply base.

We promote and respect human rights through policy, stakeholder dialogues and participate in various industry forums and working groups. On 30 March 2015, we held a supplier conference at our head office for all UK suppliers and factories to introduce the Modern Slavery Act. We require our UK supply base to attend workshops on a new initiative of which we are a founding member, alongside other major UK retailers, called Fast Forward. This is to introduce a new audit model, the methodology and preparatory requirements, which at present replaces the industry standard Smeta audit for the UK supply base. We continue to use the Smeta audit methodology globally.

Follow the link below to view our Modern Slavery Statement and Human Rights Policy

Modern Slavery Statement 2019

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Human Rights Policy

Non-Financial Reporting Regulations

We attach a link to a table which is intended to help stakeholders understand Debenhams position on environmental matters, employees, human rights, social matters and anti-bribery anti-corruption.

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